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Maddy and Sven’s Animal Sanctuary

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How it Started

Maddy and Sven’s Animal Sanctuary was born from the inspiration of two animals that were thrown away by society.

Maddy was found on the streets of an inner city, she was a black mutt and had been adopted and returned to the shelter. One day on a whim, Katie went to the shelter and found her soulmate. Maddy ignited the spark for us to rescue and taught us what communicating with animals truly is. 

At the start of the pandemic, Meeghan had a crazy idea to adopt a horse... Sven opened up a new world and changed everything we knew about the horse world. He exposed us to the cruelty horses are facing after they are no longer deemed useful by the horse industry. 

These two special souls along with our life long LOVE of animals of every kind helped create our sanctuary.

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Who We Are


Meeghan (Co-founder)

Meeghan has her Ph.D. She loves to spend her time playing with her two dogs Winnie and Fitz. After helping Sven through his medial issues she has found a love of helping medially needy animals.


Katie (Co-founder)

Katie was born with a love and connection to animals, she considers them her greatest teachers. She is instilling the importance of animal rights to her two children.

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Some of the Animals who call the Sanctuary Home



Amber, affectionately know as Amber Rose is a quarter horse. Amber was previously bought from an auction by someone who then used her to compete locally in barrel races.  We are unsure of Ambers life before she was purchased by her previous owners at the auction. 

Amber came to us with severe Heaves. Heaves is basically asthma in horses. Ambers previous owner knew they couldn't financially commit to providing Amber the healthcare she desperately needed so they asked us to take her in. 

That is where our story began with Amber Rose. Amber is our lead mare, she looked after Sven after we made the move to our sanctuary. Amber is best friends and extremely bonded with Helen.

She is as tough as they come and keeps us on our toes but there is no horse more reliable than Amber. She is so smart and reads every situation for what it is and handles it accordingly.

Amber does still have Heaves, we give her a daily inhaler and supplement with steroids during extreme flares.



Harry! Our only gelding in the donkey herd. Harry came to us with 5 other donkeys from a fellow sanctuary who was closing their doors. Harry came to us healthy but his life before his original rescue could have ended very differently. Harry was found with Margot and Agnes at a quarantine facility. He was a baby and alone, Margot "adopted" Harry and took care of him and her biological daughter Agnes. Harry is our smallest donkey but also our most outspoken.



Mint Paddy is a Standardbred. She was an ex race horse who was then used as a work horse. Paddy then was rescued by another sanctuary.... who failed her terribly. 

We rescued Paddy when the rescue who was neglecting Paddy was discovered. She came to us in poor condition but has recovered beautifully and has blossomed into a dream horse. Paddy is immensely brave and refused to let previous setback impact her life here with us. She is so loved and enjoys treats and getting groomed in her stall.



Mila is part of our donkey heard. She is the leader of their herd. She is calm, confident, and strong leader who watches over her balanced herd. She is the biological mother to Osian and Bodhi.

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Please help support our mission and donate to help us continue to provide the highest quality care of the residents of Maddy and Svens Animal Sanctuary.

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